Dedicated to supporting you,
and flattening the curve.

We remain dedicated to supporting our participants & communities to flatten the curve of COVID-19.

If you've registered for a program, camp, tournament, or have a contract with us, find the answer to your questions below.

Update: May 29, 2020

Programs & Summer Camps

Summer Camps 2020

We are working hard to provide all our customers with an update on summer camps. Should you need immediate support or have a question for us, please contact our Customer Service Center by filling out the form on the right. We will reply within 1 business day.

Spring & Summer 2020 Programs

Due to our closure, we are delaying all Program start dates. If your program has a reduction in sessions after re-opening, there will be a credit issued to your account based on the number of sessions that could not be accommodated.


Upcoming Tournaments

14 days from the start of each event, we will notify you of the status. If it is cancelled, we will automatically apply a credit to your account to use towards future tournaments.

If you were participating in one of our tournaments from another country and we cannot confirm if the event will operate as planned, you may cancel with credit/refund within 30 days of the event.


Fall/Winter 2019-20 Leagues

In the event that games cannot be resumed by June 15, we will automatically apply a credit to your account based on the number of guaranteed games you had left on your schedule.

Spring/Summer 2020 Leagues

If our building reopens before July 15, our Summer 2020 season will be condensed. If the season does not begin by July 15, registration credits or refunds will be issued to teams.

Contracts & Surface Rentals

Fall/Winter 2019-20 Contracts and Rentals

For any surfaces unused after March 14 until the conclusion of your contract, your fees will automatically be applied as a credit to your account.

Spring/Summer 2020 Contracts and Rentals

If our facility remains closed, we will condense your contract in 30 day increments and provide a credit to your account for the portion of the contract that could not be accommodated.

Future Contracts and Rentals

Please contact us for future contracts and rentals.

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